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Wayne Buckley Wildlife Photographer

I am a wildlife and Nature photographer based in Essex with a real passion for the outdoors and animals of all shapes and sizes and spend many hours developing my skills in different environments.

When I began my photography journey I was using an Olympus mirrorless camera, it was mainly to use for holidays or just for fun. I decided to make sure I knew how the camera worked so I read the manual back to back. It was at this point that I became hooked on photography. If I was to give one tip to a budding photographer it would be to learn all of the camera settings and functions and then just to practice, you will be amazed at the great images you will be able to create.


I did eventually upgrade my camera to a Canon 7d mark ii with a selection of Canon and Sigma lenses but I still believe it doesn't matter what you use as long as you enjoy it and it helps to grow your passion further.


I have been lucky enough to travel to places such as Canada where I witness an Orca being dive bombed by a Bald Eagle, I have also traveled to South Africa to capture images of the big 5. Mostly I capture my images from Around Essex. It has taken several years to get where I am and I continue to develop and learn every day, most of all  Wildlife Photography to me is an amazing hobby which I am very passionate about. 


I am also happy to help with any advice If needed so please do email me, or if you are interested in prints or have something that you would like me to capture for you and we can agree on any pricing if requires.


I hope to continue my growth as a Wildlife and Nature Photographer and appreciate any feedback given.


I hope you enjoy the site and do feel free to get in touch any point. In the meantime please visit my  Wildlife and Nature Gallery.


Thanks, Wayne Buckley

Email: wb-photography@hotmail.com

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